Sembaruthi: Parvathy’s This Quality Is Super Relatable And Endearing!

We just saw another quality in Parvathy that makes her super relatable. Read on to know what it is!

Bhavna Gandikota

May 3, 2021


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Sembaruthi’s Parvathy is one of the most relatable characters that you will ever meet, and she only becomes more relatable with time. She is now a part of a wealthy family but this has not changed much for her. Her middle-class traits keep coming out every now and then. This time it came out in the most endearing way. As she bought a new saree for Akhila, she still managed to save in Lakhs!

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When Akhila asked Parvathy to order a saree for her, she knew that she could not compromise on the quality because Akhila would hate it. The saree she wanted was worth Rs 12 lakh, but Parvathy managed to get it for 2 lakh, saving 10 Lakh effortlessly. She managed to save more than 80 per cent, which shows that she can do anything to save some money.

She almost connected with us instantly when she revealed how she went out of her way to save some money! Wouldn’t most of us do the same, because it is a sweet deal? Even when she had the money to spend, she valued it and did not spend it wrecklessly. She doesn’t splurge, which makes her relatable to most of us, who look for ways to save money.

Parvathy in Sembaruthi
Source: ZEE5

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Apart from this Parvathy seems like one of us, more often than not. Take for example, when she gave up on her idea of the beauty cream because of conflicts with Akhila. It would be ideal if she pursued it, but it isn’t possible if you look at it realistically. The fact that Parvathy is not perfect, and has a few insecurities, makes her even more loveable.

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