Sembaruthi: Karthik Raj Shows His Other Side Through These Insta Posts And We’re Impressed

These posts by Karthik Raj will surely inspire you and push you to inspire others too.


October 6, 2020


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Karthik Raj, who is currently seen in Zee Tamil’s much-celebrated show Sembaruthi, is one of the most sought-after actors in the Tamil small screen industry. He has a humongous fan base, courtesy the character of an obedient son and doting husband Adithya– he plays in the show. Also, his sizzling chemistry with his co-star Shabana Shajahan (Parvathy) has garnered him even more popularity.

The handsome hunk is pretty much active on social media; He often shares his pictures from the sets of Sembaruthi and hot selfies on the photo-sharing app. We are sure that fans can’t keep their eyes off him. While the actor treats his Instagram followers to his stunning pictures, he also tries to inspire them by penning motivational quotes alongside his posts. The quotes not only motivates us to lead a beautiful life but also defines his personality. Karthik Raj, we indeed are impressed with the way you lead your life.

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Be Unique

Karthik says he never does what others expect of him. He likes to be different and only does what he believes is right. Well, the caption not only explains that Karthik likes to be unique but also that he loves himself enough to lead a content life. He does not feel the need to impress or please anyone but himself. And this quality of his must be adopted as it will teach us how to be happy with ourselves.

We think this mantra of Karthik is sure to help one grow as no one will ever be satisfied with what you do, so, it’s better to do as you like. Although, sometimes what sets you apart may seem like a burden to you but it’s not; it’s what makes you great. So, believe in yourself!

Have Inspiring People Around

Karthik has posted pictures of his pet dogs and captioned it as “Some arrive and make such a beautiful impact on your life, you can barely remember what life was like without them.” This is so true! Not all you who come across in life are bad ones, some surely change the way you look at life and give you memories like never before.

Life without them is, indeed, unimaginable. Also, this picture shows how Karthik is emotionally attached to these two lovely creatures. The actor is surely an emotional being and this picture is proof!

It’s All About Learning & Growing

Before we could look at what we can take from this post, let’s give a big hand to Karthik for staying this positive. In a world filled with negativity and pessimism, we have Karthik, whose perspectives in life make us question ours. He surely is very matured to see things from a different angle and we would like to be a bit more like him.

Karthik, here, tells us that one must not become bitter in life but cherish all the memories. He asks you to look at life in a positive light – People will come and go; while some may teach you how to be happy, others may put you down but you must only take the best out of those experiences. He further adds that experiences – good or bad – are either memories or lessons, one must learn to be happy and live free.

In another post, Karthik explains that he is no God. Karthik tells us that he too is imperfect and he is not ashamed to openly admit it. But at the same time, he tells us how he identifies his mistakes and makes sure not to repeat the same. So, he not only wants us to stop being hard on ourselves but also learn from it so that we don’t repeat it.

Karthik, who we know as an actor, has surely got more for us in store. If not for these posts, we would have never seen this side of Karthik.  Apart from being optimistic, emotional, bold and strong, the talented actor also tells us that he is as imperfect as us and he too falls but comes out stronger every time.

These motivational quotes not only gives us clues to Karthik’s real nature, but it also inspires us. So, follow him to make your life easier and better. You can also share your thoughts in the comment section below. Stay tuned!

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