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Sembaruthi: Here Is Why We Think Adithya’s Decision To Move Away From Akhila Is Right

Bhavna Gandikota

March 28, 2021

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While Sembaruthi’s Adithya chooses to move away from Akhila, here’s why we think he is right!

Sembaruthi’s Adithya had moved back in with his family a while back, but now he feels like it is time for him to go back to where he lived, with Janaki Amma and Mr Perumal. While we loved the fact that the whole family was back together, Adithya has real reasons for wanting to move away from his family and go back to his other house.

Watch the spoiler for the latest episode of Sembaruthi right here!

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Parvathy and Akhila

No matter what Parvathy does for Akhila, the latter never warms up to Parvathy. We saw hope for Parvathy and Akhila to get together when they bonded in the village, but it all seemed to go down the drain soon. Parvathy deserves to stay in a place where she is loved and respected. If she continues to stay with Adithya’s family, she will continue to be under the pressure of impressing them.

Janaki and Mr Perumal

Adithya and Parvathy left Janaki’s house without telling them where they were going and they will be back. Even if they were to leave forever, Janaki and Mr Perumal deserve a proper farewell. The couple has gone beyond limits for Parvathy and Adithya, and they are some of the most important people to Parvathy and Adithya. Parvathy considers Janaki to be a mother figure too!

Adithya and Akhila in Sembaruthi
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Adithya and his comfort 

With so much going on around Adithya, it is normal for him to feel overwhelmed. The relationship between Parvathy and Akhilandeswari can be very confusing for other people involved in the relationship. He might want to take a break from this and live alone with his wife for a while because that is what makes them comfortable. He would have his own space if he lived away from his family!

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