Sembaruthi: As Rajeshwari’s Actions Match Those Of Akhila’s, We Wonder If History Is Repeating Itself

Sembaruthi’s Rajeshwari reminds us of Akhila sometimes, and here’s why we think history is repeating itself!

Sembaruthis Rajeshwari tried to get her son married to Varsha without his knowledge because she wanted to uphold her pride. We think there is a pattern here, and she might be repeating what Akhila did. While it might not be exactly the same this time, there are hints of history repeating itself!

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Akhila, Raji and accepting their daughters-in-law 

Akhilandeswari had a very hard time accepting Parvathy as she is. There was a lot of back and forth when it came to her warming up to Parvathy. Similarly, even Rajeshwari has a hard time digesting the fact that Mahesh wants to get married to Bhavani. She has a hard time accepting Bhavani, but things might change for them too!

Going to extreme lengths for their ‘pride’ 

It made sense that Akhilandeswari and Rajeshwari were the best of friends. They value their pride and position in society more than anything else. This never ended well for Akhila, and there are good chances that it will never end well for Rajeshwari too. We already see that her reputation has started to go down because Parvathy caught her trying to cheat her son. While Akhila would have never done this, her arrogance has made her do some unthinkable things too!

Mahesh and Bhavani in Sembaruthi
Mahesh and Bhavani in Sembaruthi (Source: ZEE5)

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Having their sons distance from them

When Akhila refused to accept Parvathy for who she is, it ended with Adithya moving out of their house and distancing himself from Akhila. When Mahesh found out that his mother was trying to cheat him by getting him married without his knowledge, he told her that he was ashamed of her and didn’t want to stay connected to her.

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