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Sembaruthi: As Akhilandeswari Blesses All The Married Women, Here’s Why We Think Parvathy Felt Heartbroken

Bhavna Gandikota

March 10, 2021

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While Sembaruthi’s Akhilandeswari blesses all the married women, we are sure Parvathy was heartbroken, here’s why!

Tamil TV show Sembaruthi deals with one of the most interesting relationships when it comes to Parvathy and Akhilandeswari. While Parvathy constantly looks up to her mother-in-law, Akhila keeps changing her mind about Parvathy and hasn’t accepted her fully up until this point. As Akhilandeswari blesses all married women, we see a heartbroken Parvathy standing right beside her, and here’s why we think she was sad.

Watch the spoiler for the latest episode of Sembaruthi right here!

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She has done everything for Akhilandeswari

It can be difficult to have someone not like you back when you have done everything for them. Back when Akhila was about to get arrested, Parvathy risked her life to perform a Pooja for Akhila’s safety. She even made sure that Akhila was happy and helped her with everything she needed. We know for a fact that Parvathy wasn’t expecting anything in return but, the fact that Akhila doesn’t thank her at the very least can be heartbreaking.

Akhila and Aishwarya in Sembaruthi
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Akhilandeswari refuses to accept her even if she likes her

There have been times when Akhila has even praised her but she refuses to accept her in front of everyone. Not being able to fit in or be accepted by one’s family is one of the things that Parvathy was reminded of when Akhila was happily embracing all the other married women. We are sure that Parvathy is always confused as to why Akhila does not accept her!

Akhilandeswari’s validation means a lot to her 

Akhilandeswari’s acceptance and praises always make Parvathy’s day. She values Akhilandeswari’s comments more than Adhithya’s feedback at times. She goes beyond all limits so Akhilandeswari would notice her. This can be very damaging for her own self-esteem and she might stop believing in herself.

Akhilandeswari always has a hard time accepting Parvathy, but we know for sure that no one looks up to her as much as Parvathy does!

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