Sembaruthi: As Akhilandeswari And Parvathy’s Relationship Hits A Bump, Here’s Recalling All The Good Times They Shared

Sembaruthi’s Parvathy and Akhilandeswari are back to being on not-so-great terms, but here are all the good times they had!

Bhavna Gandikota

February 17, 2021



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As Akhilandeswari walks away from Parvathy in a fit of rage and swears to never see her or talk about her, we know that they will take some time to be on good terms again. While it is sad that they had to break apart just when their relationship was on good terms, here are all the good times that the duo had together in Sembaruthi.

1) When Parvathy helped Akhilandeswari while cooking 

This was undoubtedly one of the sweetest moments when we got to see Akhilandeswari’s softer side. When she could not find the ingredients she needed for cooking, she did not think twice before seeking Parvathy’s help. It filled everyone’s hearts with joy and rightly so.

Parvathy in Sembaruthi (Source: ZEE5)

2) When Akhilandeswari blessed Parvathy

When Akhilandeswari learnt about Parvathy’s beauty cream venture, she blessed Parvathy and wished her luck with it. This was special because one would never think that Akhilandeswari could wholeheartedly bless Parvathy and that too while being sweet to her!

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3) When Akhilandeswari asked Parvathy to cut the cake 

On Parvathy’s birthday, Akhilandeswari had organised a party at her place and did not tell Parvathy that it was for her till she had to cut the cake. It pleasantly surprised everyone and we would love to have these sweet moments back between the duo. The look on Parvathy’s face was priceless when Akhilandeswari fed her some cake.

4) When Akhila helps Parvathy with Pongal

When Akhilandeswari saw that Parvathy’s Pongal was not getting cooked, she went to the temple and brought some ‘vibhuti” that helped the Pongal cook instantly. Something that instantly surprised everyone was how she quickly jumped to Parvathy’s rescue.

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5) When she praises Parvathy for her kindness and intelligence

When Parvathy helped Akhilandeswari distribute the paddies amongst the villagers, Akhilandeswari was all praises for Parvathy since she was in awe of her kindness and intelligence. This moment will bring tears to anyone’s eyes and fill your hearts up!

Source: ZEE5

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