Sembaruthi: Arun Might Have Actress Nayanthara’s Photo In His Purse But He Sure Loves His Wife and Mother The Most!

Arun is a loving person and there is no one he loves more than his wife and mother. The pictures of an actress in his wallet doesn’t change this fact.

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April 6, 2021



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In the latest episode of Sembaruthi, we saw the reporter find pictures of actress Nayanthara in Arun’s wallet. In an extremely hilarious moment, he stumbles hard to explain why he has the star actress’s photo in his wallet. Just like us, Arun seems to be just another fanboy of the actress, but it puts him in a tough position as he is forced to explain his way out of it. Arun says that he loves his wife and mother more than anyone else and there is no reason why we shouldn’t believe him.

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We all have celebrity crushes or actors/actresses we are huge fans of. Even though it is a bit extreme to carry their photos in our wallets, there is nothing wrong with it. Well, Arun’s sticky situation proved the same as it showcased the risk factors involved. Although he explained for a fact that he loves his wife and mother more, people still need an explanation, even though we need none. First and most importantly, Arun already had their photos beneath these photos the reporter found. He indeed had photos of Aishwarya and Akhilandeswari to prove that he was telling the truth.

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Arun has been through a lot in his life and we have always loved him. He loves Aishwarya like anything and there is no denying it. Considering the fact that he helped her become a better person without giving up on her easily, his love for her has been proven before. It was Arun and his company that led Aishwarya to let down her hate for Parvathy. If it wasn’t for Arun, her life would have been very different and that is something we shouldn’t forget. He never judged Aishwarya for who she is but gave her room to improve and become a better person.

Arun in Sembaruthi
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Akhilandeshwari has faced many problems including her biggest loss of losing Adithya. Even when his elder brother left the house, it was Arun who stuck onto his mother and made sure she was fine. He became her sole support system and gave her a shoulder whenever Akhila needed to cry. Arun’s love was always visible in subtle yet great actions. Arun has always been the better person in the room, be it in a good son’s role or a great husband.

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