Sembaruthi 6 April 2021 Written Update: Rajeshwari learns about Mahesh and Bhavani’s plan to get married

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April 6, 2021



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In the previous episode of SembaruthiArunmozhi arrives to interview Akhila. Vanaja sets a condition before Vinod. Aishwarya stops Akhila from entering Adithya’s room as he tends to Parvathy. Mahesh shares his fear with Bhavani. 

Watch what will happen next on Sembaruthi:

In the latest episode of Sembaruthi, Bhavani and Mahesh meet at a restaurant. A worried Mahesh suggests that the couple get married at the Registrar’s office. Bhavani hesitates and suggests that she share their plan with Parvathy. But Mahesh stops Bhavani from revealing their plan to anyone. He further tells Bhavani that they must talk to their friends and arrange witnesses for their court marriage.

According to Mahesh’s plan, Bhavani and Mahesh’s friends wait for the couple outside the Registrar’s office. The couple reaches the Registrar’s office and so does the Registrar. On seeing Mahesh’s documents, the Registrar doubts that Mahesh is Rajeshwari’s son. Rajeshwari is busy visiting a plot, when the Registrar Raghavan phone Rajeshwari and informs her about Mahesh and Bhavani’s presence at the office. Rajeshwari instructs Raghavan to delay the registration until she reaches the office.

As Mahesh, Bhavani and their friend wait outside the Registrar’s office, one of their friends come running to Mahesh and informs him about Rajeshwari’s arrival. Mahesh, Bhavani and their friends hide. But soon Rajeshwari gets her hands on the couple’s friends and starts thrashing them. Mahesh leaves Bhavani alone and comes out of the hiding to save his friends. He promises Rajeshwari that he will follows her instructions and that she should harm Bhavani. Ratnam searches for Bhavani in the office, but leaves when Rajeshwari calls out to him.

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