Sembaruthi 31 August 2021 Written Update: A team of Income Tax officers conduct raid at the Adikadavoor house

Will they find the money? Will Vanaja’s plan to frame Parvathy succeed?

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September 2, 2021


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In the previous episode of Sembaruthi, Vanaja and Ganga hide the briefcase laden with money in Parvathy’s room. Vanaja makes a call to the Income Tax Office after she apprises Aishwarya about the success of their plan.

In the next episode of Sembaruthi, Ganga calls a goon, Selvam, and instructs him to harm Adithya and stop him from reaching his house. Soon, a team of men reach outside Akhila’s house. The guard is delighted on seeing them and assumes that the men are from the police department and that they have brought Akhila back. The officers inform the guard that they are from the Income Tax department and are going to conduct a raid at the Adikadavoor house.

Before entering the house, a team member informs the senior officer that they must be careful as Akhila may cause them harm if they fail to find any money during the raid. The senior officer assures his team member that he has proper information about the same.

The team from the Income Tax department reach the Adikadavoor house to conduct a raid. Parvathy tells them they will not find any illegal money. To this, the officer asks her to let him do his job. The officers search all the rooms, including Parvathy’s, but they do not find any money. Elsewhere, Aishwarya phones her mother to check if the raid has begun, but Ganga doesn’t answer the phone. So, Aishwarya decides to take meet Akhila at the prison.

The IT team fails to find any money in the house, so they decide to search the house once again. They find a suitcase full of money in Parvathy’s room and display the same to the family members. When Parvathy pleads innocence, the officer asks her to provide proof for the money. She tells them that Adithya must have kept the money at home and he surely may have a proof for it. Parvathy calls Adithya, who is at the lawyer’s office, and informs him about the situation. As soon as he disconnects the call, Adithya informs the lawyer about the proof that he needs for the money seized.

Meanwhile, at the prison, Akhila informs Akhila about the raid being conducted at the Adikadavoor house. Akhila does not react to this. Moreover, Akhila gets suspicious and asks Aishwarya as to how she learned about the raid. She further tells Aishwarya that when the IT team conducts a raid, they seize all the phones first and asks her who informed her about the raid. Akhila reprimands Aishwarya for doubting Parvathy and talking ill about her.

Adithya rushes to the bank and asks the manager to help him gather proof for the money seized. The manager refuses but later obliges in order to save an innocent Parvathy. Selvam and his men keep an eye on Adithya as soon as he leaves from the bank.

What will happen next in Sembaruthi? To read more stories of  Sembaruthi.

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