Sembaruthi 3 March 2021 Written Update: Akhila wants to go shopping, but the men of the house have other plans

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March 3, 2021



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In the previous episode of Sembaruthi, Vanaja takes Akhila to Adi-Parvathy’s room in order to prove her point. Akhila warns Vanaja to mend her ways. A furious Vanaja thinks of a plan to trouble Parvathy. Accordingly, Vanaja pulls the fuse to Adi-Parvathy’s room causing a power outage. Vanaja, along with Uma, goes near the fuse box in order to fix it, but both get electrocuted.

Watch what will happen next on Sembaruthi:

In the latest episode of Sembaruthi, on seeing an electrocuted Vanaja and Uma, Arun decides to help them. But Vadivel stops him. Vadivel and Aishwarya decide to teach a lesson to the cunning Vanaja. The trio hit Vanaja and Uma with a log in order to teach them a lesson.

Adithya tells Parvathy that it is so dark that he cannot see her face. Parvathy goes away and later walks into the room with a candle in her hand. Adithya cannot stop looking at Parvathy in the light emerging from the candle. Adi-Parvathy spend some romantic time.

The next morning, Parvathy goes to the garden and talks to her ‘Sembaruthi’ plant. She is interrupted by a voice, which claims to be her friend. Parvathy realises that it is none other than Adithya’s. After a sweet banter, Adithya chases Parvathy and on getting hold of her, the couple think of the time they spent in the garden in the past.

The family assembles in the living room as per Akhila’s instructions. Akhila announces that she wishes to gift her employees, who have served them over 10 years, clothes and jewellery on the occasion of Akhila and Purushothaman’s wedding anniversary. She asks everyone to accompany her for shopping. The men in the family are not keen on going for shopping and make excuses to leave the house. Finally, Akhila realises that the men do not want to accompany her for shopping.

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