Sembaruthi 29 January 2021 Written Update: Adithya fights Dayal to help the farmers

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February 3, 2021



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In the previous episode of Sembaruthi, Purushothaman and the family pacify Sundaravalli, as she gets upset about not keeping up her word to unite Akhila and Parvathy. Purushothaman senses Akhila’s turmoil and assures her that neither him nor Sundaravalli would compel her to take any decision about Adi-Parvathy. Sundaravalli gets emotional as Akhila prepares to return to the city. Parvathy worries about Bhavani and apprises Adithya about the same.

Watch what will happen next on Sembaruthi:

In the latest episode of Sembaruthi, Akhila calls Rajeshwari and tells her a plan in order to the girl who supports Bhavani. Elsewhere, Adithya, Parvathy, Vadivel, Singaravellan and Arun, along with some villagers go to meet Dayal. They talk to Dayal about the injustice done by him to the villagers. Adithya demands that Dayal return the farmers land papers. Dayal asks his men to bring the land papers, but challenges Adithya to enter into a stick fight with him. Adithya accepts the challenge. During the stick fight, Adithya attacks Dayal. As Adithya defeats Dayal, the latter’s aides attack Adithya. Adithya beats Dayal and his men. A defeated Dayal gives the land papers to the farmers.

Back in the city, Bhavani reaches the house of the girl chosen by Rajeshwari. She lies to the security guard and enters the house. She meets the father of Mahesh’s prospective bride and tells him about her love fore Mahesh. Bhavani tells him about all the events that happened between her, Rajeshwari and Mahesh. The man is shocked to here the truth and assures to support her. But they soon hear the sound of Rajeshwari’s car outside the house. The man asks Bhavani to hide in a room. When Rajeshwari walks into the house and greets the prospective bride’s father, he turns his face in disgust. Will the man help Bhavani?

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