Sembaruthi 28 May 2021 Written Update: Rajeshwari’s plan to get Mahesh engaged, fails

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In the previous episode of Sembaruthi, Rajeshwari is shocked as Akhila inquires about Adithya and Parvathy. While Parvathy comes back to senses, Adithya, Guruji and Bhavani reach at the venue. Later, Parvathy tells the truth to Akhila.

In the next episode of Sembaruthi, Rajeshwari tells Akhila that Parvathy is lying. Akhila asks Parvathy if she was aware of the promise. Parvathy cautions Akhila about facing humiliation if the engagement commences. Parvathy decides to prove the truth to Akhila and goes to the dais to take the garland from Mahesh’s hand.

Rajeshwari fearing the worst rushes towards the dais and stops Parvathy from taking the garland. Varsha’s parents and all the guests present are taken aback by seeing all the happenings.

Rajeshwari refuses to leave the garland while Parvathy tries to snatch it from her. Akhila is left stunned to see the ‘thali’ hidden in the garland.

Rajeshwari is rendered speechless when Akhila confronts and condemns her for her deceit. Akhila is immensely upset by Rajeshwari’s action and cancels the engagement.

Rajeshwari reminds Akhila about her promise and compels her to fulfill it. However, a furious Akhila refuses to keep up her promise and asks Rajeshwari to leave the premises immediately. Vanaja and Ganga are shocked on seeing Bhavani accompanying Adithya and Guruji. Mahesh is happy to see Bhavani.

Guruji tells Akhila that he had conveyed a message to Vanaja, about the engagement. Vanaja trembles with fear as Akhila gives her an angry look. Akhila slaps Vanaja for hiding Guruji’s message from her. Vanaja citing the situation stages an act before Akhila.

Mahesh apologises to Bhavani for everything. Mahesh condemns Rajeshwari for lying to her about Bhavani and severs his relationship with her and leaves the venue. The guests present at the engagement condemn Rajeshwari for her deceit.  Guruji praises Parvathy for saving Akhila from humiliation. Vanaja and Aishwarya frown as the guests praise Parvathy and address her as the next Adhikadavoor Akhilandeshwari.


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