Sembaruthi 23 October 2020 Written Update: Why Does Parvathy Feel Jealous?

Parvathy and Aishwarya face difficult times in their married life. How will the two tackle the situation? Read full update here.

Nikhil Pandey

October 23, 2020



2 min


In Semburathi’s previous episode, Nandini’s vicious plans against Akhila’s family stand exposed. On the other hand, Akhila suspects that someone close to the family was helping Nandini the whole time. Akhila shares the same to Arun, who brushes off the conversation and abruptly leaves. Akhila is left heartbroken and emotional, which disappoints Purushottam. Aishwarya, on the other hand, opens her heart to Parvathy. Aishwarya reveals everything that happened in the house to Parvathy, who tries to console her. Parvathy also promises that she will talk to Adi about the same. However, Adi seems unaffected by Akhila’s plight and Nandini’s deceitful actions.

Missed out on the latest episode of the Tamil serial Sembaruthi?

In this episode of Sembaruthi, Parvathy and Aishwarya face difficult times in their married lives. While Parvathy tackles with jealously, Aishwarya faces her fears about Arun. Parvathy worries about losing Adi when an old friend of the latter calls him and continues to chat for a long time. However, Adi consoles Parvathy and makes her understand his love for her. He also gets bangles to make Parvathy calm. Parvathy kisses on Adi’s forehead and hugs Adi soon after. On the other hand, Aishwarya worries that Arun might fail in his new task at Akhila’s office.

Aishwarya expresses her concerns to Purushottam who consoles her. Arun also trie to convince Aishwarya that he will not fail at his work. Will Arun succeed in his new endeavour? To know what happens next, watch Sembaruthi episodes before TV by subscribing to the ZEE5 Club Pack.

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