Sembaruthi 22 June 2021 Written Update: A stranger save Akhila’s life

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June 21, 2021


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In the previous episode of SembaruthiAkhila is furious on learning about Mehta and Nandini’s treachery. Elsewhere, Nandini refuses to reveal her plan to Vanaja. Akhila disturbed by everything, shares her grief with Purushothaman.

In the next episode of Sembaruthi, Akhila decides to meet the Guruji. Meanwhile, Nandini talks to Rathnam over the phone. The next morning, Akhila decides to go to the temple. She looks for Parvathy, but fails to find her. Akhila asks Aishwarya to accompany her to the temple. As Akhila is about to leave, she trips at the door. Parvathy comes running to Akhila’s help. She requests Akhila to not step out of the house as it is a bad omen, but Akhila refuses to listen to her.

Akhila goes to the temple and offers prayers. She meet Guruji at the temple and pours her heart out to him. Guruji suggests she perform a ‘parihara puja’. As Akhila performs the puja, a man pulls her by her hand. Akhila slaps him for touching her and questions him. The man tries to explain himself, but fails. Another man, who is watching this tells Akhila that the man is mute and he tried to save Akhila from a falling branch. Akhila apologises to stranger and offers to do him a favour. The man asks for a job,

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