Sembaruthi 21 January 2021 Written Update: Vadivel and Singaravellan trick Vanaja

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January 22, 2021



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In the previous episode of Sembaruthi, Akhila takes Parvathy’s help to cook the ‘padayal’. As part of the puja ritual, Parvathy and Adithya exchange garlands in Akhila’s presence. Later, Sundaravalli decides to hold a competition between Parvathy, Vanaja and Aishwarya.

Watch what will happen next on Sembaruthi:

In the latest episode of SembaruthiVanaja instructs a maid from the house to inform her about the items that Parvathy will keep in her ‘padayal’. Vadivel stops the maid and questions her about her conversation with Vanaja. The maid tries to hide the truth, but Singaravellan interrupts and threatens her. When the maid reveals Vanaja’s plan, Singaravellan and Vadivel think of a plan to teach Vanaja a lesson.

Sundaravalli instructs Parvathy, Vanaja and Aishwarya to place the dishes they prepared on the leaves kept in the puja room. Singaravellan calls Vanaja and speaks to her in the maid’s voice. He misguides Vanaja about the items to be placed on the leaf for the ‘padayal’. Sundaravalli is surprised to see Vanaja’s actions and discusses the same with Akhila.

Akhila advises the trio to feed the ‘padayal’ to the crow in order to receive the blessing of the ancestors. Once again Vanaja takes the maid’s help to stop the crow from eating the ‘padayal’ served by Parvathy. But Vanaja’s plan fails as Singaravellan bribes the man who was hired to shoot the crows.

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