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Sembaruthi 21 April 2021 Written Update: Akhila asks Adithya to make a promise


April 20, 2021

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In the previous episode of Sembaruthi, Rajeshwari fumes in anger and condemns Mahesh for all his actions. Mahesh pleads at Rajeshwari to understand his love for Bhavani, but she refuses to accept his pleas. While Rajeshwari compels Mahesh to marry Varsha, Mahesh refuses to do so. Rajeshwari tries to convince Mahesh to change his mind. Back home, an ailing Vanaja imagines all the happenings at the engagement and sighs for not being able to attend the function. Vanaja spots Akhila angrily entering the house and ponders about the reason behind it. Later, Aishwarya informs Vanaja about Adithya and Parvathy stopping the engagement.

Watch what will happen next on Sembaruthi:

In the next episode of Sembaruthi, Vanaja ridicules Uma when she irritates her. As she laments about not attending the engagement she spots an angry Akhila entering the house and ponders the reason for her anger. Vanaja is happy as Aishwarya informs her about all the happenings at the engagement. Vanaja pretends to feel sick and awaits Adithya and Parvathy to see a quarrel at home.

A terrified Adithya and Parvathy enter the house. Adithya assures Parvathy when she fears Akhila’s wrath. Parvathy tells Adithya to remain calm in case Akhila lashes out at her.

Akhila stops Adithya as he tries to speak to her. Akhila asks Adithya if he was aware of her taking an oath on the Adhikadavoor ancestral sword and giving a word to Rajeshwari of organizing Mahesh’s marriage.

However, when Adithya refuses to know about it, Akhila tells him about the oath and asks him not to interfere in Mahesh’s marriage anymore. She refuses to listen to Adithya and persuades him to take a swear of not interfering in Mahesh’s marriage.

Adithya is in a dilemma and hesitates to give a word to Akhila. Akhila feels bad when Adithya for the first time in his life refuses to obey her.

A vicious Vanaja intervenes and tells Akhila about Bhavani and asks her to speak to Pattamma. Akhila summons Pattamma and confronts her. Akhila tells Pattamma to tell Bhavani to stay away from Mahesh.

Pattamma gives a word to Akhila of keeping Bhavani away from Mahesh. She tells Akhila her decision of taking holiday from work to stay with Bhavani till Mahesh’s marriage does not commence. However, Vanaja praises Pattamma for her loyalty and indirectly taunts Parvathy and Akhila.

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