Sembaruthi 20 January 2021 Written Update: Adi-Parvathy exchange garlands before Akhila

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January 21, 2021



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In the previous episode of Sembaruthi, Arun and Aishwarya share a romantic moment. Sundaravalli asks Parvathy to have her meal on the dinning table with everyone. Sundaravalli tells Akhila about a puja and the ‘padayal’ that needs to be cooked for the puja. She asks Akhila to cook for the ‘padayal’ and suggests that Parvathy and Aishwarya assist her in cooking.

Watch what will happen next on Sembaruthi:

In the latest episode of SembaruthiSundaravalli succeeds in her plan as Akhila calls out to Parvathy for help in cooking the ‘padayal’. Vadivel watches as Vanaja stands outside the kitchen with a plan to spoil the ‘padayal’. He heats the spatula in order to teach Vanaja a lesson. Unaware of Vadivel’s plan, Vanaja touches the spatula and gets her hand burnt.

The family participates in the procession for the puja. During the puja, the priest ask the couples to exchange garlands. While Akhila-Purushothaman, Arun-Aishwarya exchange garlands, Adi-Parvathy hesitate. Sundaravalli instructs Adithya to put the garland around Parvathy’s neck. Vadivelu and Singaravellan make a pass at Vanaja for being single.

Later, Sundaravalli tells Akhila that they must make Parvathy, Aishwarya and Vanaja to perform the puja this year. Akhila agrees with Sundaravalli. Sundaravalli further decides to hold a competition between the three women to see who can serve the best ‘padayal’. Vanaja overhears the conversation between Akhila and Sundaravalli. Parvathy worries about the ‘padayal’ competition. But Sundaravalli tells her that if the crows feast on the ‘padayal’ she cooks, it would mean that she has the blessing od the Adikadavoor ancestors. Vanaja overhears the conversation.Vadivelu watches as Vanaja talks to a maid.

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