Sembaruthi 19 August 2020 Written Update: Akhila does not forgive Purushottam

In this episode of Sembaruthi, even though Akhila wakes up from her unconscious state, she does not wish to see Purushottam’s face.


August 18, 2020


5 min


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Missed out on the spoiler for the latest episode of the Tamil serial Sembaruthi?

In the previous episode, Purushottam confesses to Akhila about his fake heart disease. It doesn’t go down well with her as she threatens to cut ties with him. Vanaja fuels her fire by telling her that Purushottam is taking Parvathy’s side and doing these things to hurt Akhila. Eventually, even Adi comes over and defends Parvathy in front of Akhila. Angered by how the family is turning against her, Akhila throws a vase on the floor and a piece of it ricochets and cuts her palm. Nobody notices this but later when Purushottam visits her in their room, Akhila is laying there unconscious on a chair with blood spouting from her wound.

In tonight’s episode, Purushottam enters the room and notices Akhila laying on the chair with her eyes shut. He goes to speak to her and sees the wound on her palm. Frantically Purushottam tries to wake her up but she falls off the chair. Purushottam starts calling Adi out loud to help him with Akhila. Adi immediately enters with Parvathy and starts to tie her palm with his handkerchief. He then asks Purushottam what happened and why Akhila’s palm is bleeding. To this, Purushottam explains how she was enraged after learning about his healthy heart and the doctor’s deception.

Further, in anger, she picked up a vase and directly threw it down but accidentally hurt herself in the process. Adi dials up a doctor and Akhila’s friend to come over and check the wound. Akhila’s doctor friend comes over and meets her personally. She asks her to control her anger and to avoid doing things that would only hurt her in the future. However, Akhila states that she cannot just compromise and do things like others. She further adds that her anger cannot be controlled, especially after what Adi has done.

Akhila then goes on about how she had hoped for a certain kind of daughter-in-law and for the Adikadavur lineage to have some pride. However, by marrying Parvathy, Adi has left her red-faced in society. Her doctor friend states that she should either forgive them or stay out of the house for some time to avoid the toxic environment. Akhila gets upset and says that she is not leaving her own house. To this, the doctor adds that perhaps Parvathy should leave then.

The doctor leaves Akhila alone and asks to speak with Adi alone for some time. Meanwhile, Purushottam decides to go in the room and have a word with Akhila. Vanaja also goes in to see the drama and asks Akhila if she is doing okay. But Akhila lashes out at them and says that she will only be fine if Purushottam is out of her sight.

What happens next? Will Purushottam be able to get back in Akhila’s good books? Will Adi ask Parvathy to leave the house for Akhila’s sake? Share your thoughts on this in the comment section below. Stay tuned to this space for more updates on your favourite actors from the TV and film industry!

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