Sembaruthi 19 August 2020 Spoiler: Akhila to confront Purushottam?

In this promo, Purushottam is seen talking to Akhila about his heart condition. Will he admit to the lying? How will Akhila take it?


August 17, 2020


3 min


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Missed out on the spoiler for the latest episode of the Tamil serial Sembaruthi?

In the previous episode, Purushottam confesses to Akhila about his fake heart disease. It doesn’t go down well with her as she threatens to cut ties with him. Vanaja fuels her fire by telling her that Purushottam is taking Parvathy’s side and doing these things to hurt Akhila. Eventually, even Adi comes over and defends Parvathy in front of Akhila. Angered by how the family is turning against her, Akhila throws a vase on the floor and a piece of its ricochets cuts her palm. Nobody notices this but later when Purushottam visits her in their room, Akhila is laying there unconscious on a chair with blood spouting from her wound.

Warning: Scroll only if you’re up for a spoiler!

In the promo of the upcoming episode, Akhila is seen lying unconscious on the chair while Purushottam tries to wake her up to her senses. He is frantically trying to wake her up but she doesn’t respond. Purushottam calls Adi to come over as soon as possible. Adi and Parvathy both come over and notice a hysterical Purushottam trying to wake up Akhila, who is lying unconscious on the chair with blood spouting out of her palm.

Adi immediately rushes to her mother and wraps her palm while asking Purushottam about what happened. Purushottam explains how they got into a fight and Akhila threw a vase. But she managed to cut herself while doing it and has probably lost blood. Adi and Parvathy decide to take her to the hospital as soon as possible. Will they be able to save Akhila? Will Akhila forgive Purushottam for the lie? How will Akhila react after she wakes up from her unconscious state? Watch Sembaruthi episodes before tv.

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