Sembaruthi 18 August 2020 Written Update: Purushottam’s lie revealed to Akhila!

In this episode of Sembaruthi, Vanaja tells Akhila about Purushottam’s lie. Akhila verifies the truth and is shocked beyond means.


August 17, 2020


7 min


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Missed out on the spoiler for the latest episode of the Tamil serial Sembaruthi?

In the previous episode of Sembaruthi, Vanaja takes Purushottam’s report and approaches two doctors. The first doctor tells her that there is nothing wrong with Purushottam’s heart and that he is only on vitamin tablets for now. Having learnt this truth, Vanaja goes to Purushottam’s doctor and makes him confess.

She asks him who made him lie to Akhila to which he describes the past where Purushottam requested the doctor to lie to Akhila about his health. Vanaja is happy to find this out and decides to tell Akhila about it.

The next episode begins with Parvathy telling Vanaja that she does not believe her when she states Akhila wants her to do the shanti pooja. Parvathy adds that Akhila does not appreciate her entering the pooja house, so there is no way in which she would agree to something like this. However, Vanaja tells her that she must believe her because of guruji. Vanaja then tells Parvathy about Guruji’s visit and how Akhila would never refute anything that guruji tells her to do. Parvathy decides to do it but before that, she notices Akhila and chooses to confirm the same. Will Parvathy dare to ask Akhila? Watch Sembaruthi episodes before tv.

Just then Vanaja comes over and covers up the trails to avoid Akhila from knowing about her plan. Parvathy leaves and Vanaja takes this opportunity to instigate Akhila against Purushottam. Vanaja tells Akhila about Purushottam’s lie and how he is manipulating her for Parvathy’s sake. Akhila doesn’t believe this and decides to call up the doctor to check for the truth. Meanwhile, Parvathy goes to the temple in the house and decides to do the pooja that Guruji asked them to do.

Meanwhile, Vanaja is wondering why Akhila hasn’t reacted to Purushottam’s lie yet. Akhila instead picks up the phone and calls up the doctor who treated him and lied to her. She tells him about the reports and how she got it cross-verified with another doctor. Fearing the fate of his doctor’s license, the doctor reveals everything to Akhila about how Purushottam asked him to stage the lie. Will Akhila forgive the doctor?  Watch Sembaruthi episodes latest episodes on ZEE5.

Akhila is shocked to hear how her husband has deceived her. Parvathy starts chanting the shanti pooja which Vanaja and Akhila both overhear. However, Akhila doesn’t react immediately and is simply standing in one place in anger. Finally, Akhila screams Parvathy’s name which she hears and leaves the pooja room. As Parvathy comes down, Akhila starts to yell at her and causes a scene.

Purushottam enters the living space and notices the commotion. He tries to calm her down but Akhila gets upset with him and tells him that their ties will be severed. Purushottam is shocked to hear this and asks her to think with a calm mind. Parvathy tries to reason with Akhila and tells her that she is misunderstanding the situation. But Akhila gets upset with her and starts to say mean things to remind her of her place. How will Parvathy react to this situation? Watch Sembaruthi today’s episode on ZEE5.

Adi enters and notices everything that is happening. He takes Parvathy’s side and announces that he is enough to keep Parvathy happy. With that, Adi leaves the room along with Parvathy. Purushottam takes this as an opportunity to explain himself to Akhila. He tells her how it is all a big misunderstanding and that he said those lies to protect the family.

Purushottam reveals that he made the doctor lie because that brought about a different change in Akhila. He reminds her of how loving and affectionate she became towards him after learning about his heart condition. Hence, to sustain that sentiment for a longer time, he chose to lie to her and make the doctor do it as well.

He hopes that Akhila would understand but her temper knows no bounds. In anger, Akhila throws a glass vase on the floor and a piece from it ricochets and cuts her palm. But Akhila is so angry that she doesn’t notice it. Later, Purushottam enters the room and tries to calmly speak to her about the situation. It is then that he notices the massive gash on her palm and rushes to her.

What will happen next? Will Purushottam find help on time? Will somebody come to Akhila’s rescue? Share your thoughts on this in the comment section below. Stay tuned to this space for more updates on your favourite actors from the TV and film industry!

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