Sembaruthi 16 August 2020 Written Update: Vanaja Makes Purushottam’s Doctor Confess

In this episode, Vanaja decides to meet up with Purushottam’s doctor and learns the truth about his heart condition. She gets what she wants!


August 15, 2020


5 min


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In the previous episode of Sembaruthi, Akhila considers Purushottam’s feelings and lets him hang the portrait of Adi and Parvathy out in the hall. However, Adi walks in and instantly asks Purushottam to pull it down. Stating that Akhila hasn’t wholeheartedly accepted his marriage with Parvathy, he doesn’t wish to put her through pain and hence pulls down the portrait. Meanwhile, Akhila tells Vanaja about Purushottam’s heart condition and why she is acting differently with him. Vanaja steals the report and shows it to another doctor. She learns that Purushottam’s condition is not serious at all.

In this episode, Vanaja learns that Purushottam’s heart condition is not serious at all. Having realised how Purushottam has been toying around his heart disease to manipulate Akhila, Vanaja is thrilled. She shows his tablets too and the doctor reveals that they are basic vitamin tablets and nothing else. Happy with the news, Vanaja asks the doctor to give the good news to Akhila. She then decides to go visit the doctor who treated Purushottam and gave the false report. After some confrontation, the doctor reveals that he lied to Akhila on Purushottam’s orders.

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Vanaja threatens the doctor that she will go to the medical council and file a complaint against him. She tells him that he has left Akhila shattered by false reports and has broken several ethical codes. The doctor gets worried and apologises for what he has done. Vanaja also asks if Purushottam was the only person involved or if there were some other people also part of this deception. However, the doctor claims that only Purushottam was part of this and requested the doctor to lie.

Vanaja is on her way back home but before that, she tells the doctor to not say a word to Purushottam. The doctor has no option but to cave into her demands. Vanaja goes back home and tries to tell Akhila about what she has learnt concerning Purushottam’s health. However, before she can say anything, Guruji pays them a visit. He gives Akhila a chant to repeat for inner peace. Vanaja smirks in the background as she is not going to let peace reside in Akhila’s heart.

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Akhila decides to try out the chants and give herself the peace she hasn’t witnessed ever since Adi and Parvathy’s marriage. Vanaja gets on Akhila’s nerves by talking about the pooja that Guruji has asked them to do. Irked by her nagging, Akhila asks her to leave. So Vanaja informs her that she will make Parvathy make all the pooja arrangements and leaves. She then looks for Parvathy with hopes to trap her in her game and further infuriate Akhila. After finding Parvathy, Vanaja tells her that Akhila has asked her to conduct the pooja for shanti in the house. Parvathy doesn’t believe her but Vanaja manages to convince her.

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