Sembaruthi 15 September 2021 Written Update: Aishwarya and Parvathy get electrocuted

Later, Aishwarya breaks down and apologises to Parvathy upon coming back to senses. What will happen next in Sembaruthi? To read more stories of  Sembaruthi.

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September 15, 2021


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In the previous episode of Sembaruthi, Sathya is glad when the Collector arrives and solves the school issue. Prabhu rushes Sathya to the doctor when she faints. Later, Prabhu is shocked when the doctor informs him about Sathya’s health.

In the next episode of Sembaruthi, while Parvathy is watering the plants, Aishwarya looks at her furiously. She recollects Akhila’s words about how Parvathy is important to her. Despite being stopped by Ganga, Aishwarya approaches Parvathy and questions her for being arrogant. Parvathy tries to tell Aishwarya that she is just being normal. But Aishwarya warns her. Aishwarya and Ganga are leaving the garden when Aishwarya accidentally steps on a live wire. Aishwarya gets electrocuted. Ganga helplessly watches the sight. On hearing Ganga’s cries, Parvathy runs to help Aishwarya. She uses a stick to make Aishwarya stable but gets electrocuted in the process. Ganga calls for help and Adithya and Arun come running. Adithya pulls out the fuse. The guards inform him that the loose wire was actually left carelessly by some electricians during the repair work.

Adithya and Arun rush Parvathy and Aishwarya to the hospital. When Akhila reaches the hospital, Purushothman informs her about whatever happened. Akhila rushes to Parvathy. In the other room, Vanaja and Ganga get worried to see an unconscious Aishwarya. Vanja too worries about Aishwarya. But soon Aishwarya opens her eyes and Ganga and Vanaja breathe a sigh of relief. But to their dismay, as on as Aishwarya opens her eyes, she asks for Parvathy. Vanaja frowns on hearing this and refuses to speak about Parvathy. Aishwarya requests Arun to take her to Parvathy.
Upon reaching Parvathy’s room, Aishwarya bursts into tears. She sits beside Parvathy and apologises to her. Akhila breaks down as Aishwarya asks Parvathy to open her eyes. Akhila suggests that everyone must leave the room as Aishwarya would want to talk to Parvathy in private. When Vanaja interrupts Akhila scolds her.



What will happen next in Sembaruthi? To read more stories of  Sembaruthi.

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