Sembaruthi 15 August 2020 Written Update: Adi Ruins Purushottam’s Plans

In tonight’s episode, while Akhila agrees to let Purushottam put up the portrait of Adi and Parvathy out in the hall, Adi opposes the idea.


August 14, 2020


6 min


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In the previous episode of Sembaruthi, Vanaja tries to cook up a storm by causing a scene to understand why Akhila is being extra nice to her husband. her plan is to cause a fight between Purushottam and Akhila for which, she asks Purushottam to make Akhila hangs the portrait of Adi and Parvathy out in the hall. Purushottam happily walks up to Akhila with the idea. However, not only does Akhila make a scene but storms back to her room. Watch Sembaruthi premiere episode before TV telecast on ZEE5 Club.

Tonight’s episode commences with Akhila left shaken as Purushottam helps her with water and asks her to speak up about what has happened. He apologises to her for making her go through such news. With a defeated expression, Akhila tells Purushottam to do whatever pleases him. He is happy to hear this and walks away with the portrait of Aditya and Parvathy. He leaves the room when Vanaja notices him. She sees the portrait and believes that Akhila has rejected Purushottam’s desire to hang the portrait in the living area. Watch Sembaruthi premiere episode before TV to learn more about what Purushottam will do with the portrait

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Vanaja tries to start a beef with Purushottam but he makes fun of her. Claiming that Akhila has given permission to hang the photo. Parvathy is uncomfortable with the idea of the photo being out in the open and hurting Akhila’s feelings. However, as Purushottam moves ahead to hang the portrait, Aditya enters and stops him. Akhila stands near the stairs and sees the entire drama unfold as Adi asks Purushottam to not hang it outside. Purushottam tells Adi that Akhila has given permission so he has nothing to worry about. To know more about Adithya and Paravathy’s love story you can watch Sembaruthi latest episodes. 

However, Adi requests Purushottam not to hang it out in the hall as he is certain that Akhila hasn’t agreed to it with all her heart. Akhila feels elated to see how Adi knows her so well. Adi takes the portrait from Purushottam’s hand and states that it belongs in their bedroom for now and not out in the open. Purushottam protests a little as he says that he wishes to see the portrait out in the open. To this Adi responds that it would be hurtful to make Akhila suffer by seeing the portrait on a regular basis. Purushottam finally caves and decides to let go of the portrait. To know more about What would Adi do next, you can watch Sembaruthi tonight’s episode.

Akhila is happy to see this and has tears in her eyes. She tries to speak to Adi and thank him for understanding. However, she is unable to muster the courage to go up to him. Meanwhile, Vanaja is very confused with this sudden change of heart that Akhila has towards Purushottam. She goes up to Akhila’s room and starts questioning her. In retaliation to her constant nagging, Akhila finally caves and shows her Purushottam’s medical reports and how it has been claimed that his heart is weak.

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Vanaja is surprised and wonders whether Purushottam’s condition is as serious as claimed on the report. Just then Akhila receives a call and leaves the room. Vanaja takes this opportunity to quickly pick up Purushottam’s file and leaves as well. The same day, Vanaja visits another doctor and asks for a second opinion on the report. Initially surprised, the doctor agrees to see the report and inform Vanaja about his diagnosis. He states that it is a normal heart condition for which people don’t need to worry. It is not a dire situation, claims the doctor. This leaves Vanaja with a new plan to instigate Akhila against the others.

What will Vanaja do next now that she knows about Purushottam’s heart not being weak as speculated by Akhila? Will she tell Akhila about it? Tell us in the comment section below.

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