Sembaruthi 09 June 2021 Written Update: Adi-Parvathy decide to meet Raghunath

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June 9, 2021


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In the previous episode of Sembaruthi, the recent events in the house leave Parvathy and Adithya disturbed. They learn about Akhila’s business partner Raghunath Mehta. Later, Adithya and Parvathy visit Raghunath’s office to meet him.

In the next episode of Sembaruthi, Adithya introduces himself to the receptionist at Raghunath’s office and tells her to inform him about his arrival. Raghunath is surprised to see Adithya and tells his receptionist to ask the couple to wait. 

Adithya pacifies Parvathy when she gets upset to see him waiting for Raghunath. Raghunath Mehta on purpose makes them wait for a very long time and is amused to see their plight. Parvathy gets impatient and decides to speak to the receptionist.

The receptionist speaks rudely to Parvathy when she argues with her for making them wait for long. Raghunath Mehta watches all the happening through the camera and enjoys the bickering between Parvathy and his receptionist. Parvathy loses her cool and threatens the receptionist of calling out Raghunath Mehta if she does not phone him and let them meet him.

After a long wait, finally Raghunath Mehta agrees to meet the couple and tells his receptionist to send them to his cabin. Adithya introduces himself and Parvathy to Raghunath Mehta. He further tells Raghunath about a notice. Raghunath gets irked when Adithya confronts him about the fraud happening in the name of Adhikadavoor Trust.

Initially, Raghunath pretends to act innocent but later confesses that he has done the entire fraud under the name of Adhikadavoor Trust that leaves Adithya and Parvathy stunned. He further tells Adithya that he has done all this to frame Akhila and not with greed for her wealth.

Raghunath boldly tells Parvathy that he has done this with a purpose in order to bring shame to Akhila and her family’s prestige.  Adithya hearing Raghunath’s conversation loses his cool and attacks him, but his bodyguards stop Adithya. Parvathy asks Raghunath to tell his men to leave Adithya.

Raghunath mocks Adithya and tells him to find a way to save Akhila from the embarrassment. Parvathy tells Raghunath that nobody in the past has succeeded in bringing a blotch on the Adhikadavoor family and curses him. Adithya warns Raghunath that he will repent for his deeds.

The employees watch as the guards hold Adithya by his neck and throw him out. An employee working in the office recognises Adithya and ponders about the happening. Later, Raghunath phones Nandini and informs her about Parvathy and Adithya’s visit to his office and all the happenings thereafter.

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