Sembaruthi 09 July 2021 Written Update: Akhila confronts Nandini

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In the previous episode of Sembaruthi, Parvathy faints as soon as Akhila completes the rites. Adithya and the family learn the truth and rush Parvathy to the hospital. The doctor informs the family about Parvathy’s critical situation. Aishwarya tells Akhila that Nandini is responsible for Parvathy’s plight.


In the next episode of Sembaruthi, upon hearing Aishwarys’s words, Akhila loses her temper. She decides to confront Nandini for stealing the ancestral sword and for causing harm to Parvathy. Vanaja calls Nandini to inform her about Akhila’s arrival. Nandini ignores Vanaja’s call initially, but later answers the call. She alerts Nandini.

A furious Akhila walks into Nandini’s house with a gun and questions her for stealing the sword. A fearless Nandini tells Akhila that she is just taking her revenge. Akhila points the gun at Nandini. Akhila is about to shoot Nandini, but Adithya stops her. He asks Akhila to give Nandini a last chance. An angry Akhila slaps Nandini and warns her to stay away from her family.

Akhila heads to the temple, where she prays for Parvathy’s speedy recovery.

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