Sembaruthi 08 September 2021 Written Update: Vanaja traces Nandini

Ravi Kumar spots Nandini and informs Aishwarya and Vanaja about the hospital where Nandini is admitted.

In the previous episode of Sembaruthi, Parvathy rebukes Aishwarya when the latter’s plan fails to rescue Akhila. Parvathy and Adithya locate the ambulance. Aishwarya lashes out at Pandi when he fails to reach the court, but she is shocked when Pandi and the nurse blackmail her. Later, Adithya and Parvathy inform the Commissioner about finding Nandini and seek his help.

In the next episode of Sembaruthi,  Parvathy pretends to act innocent and refuses to disclose Nandini’s whereabouts when Aishwarya questions her, but later tells her of admitting Nandini to the hospital. Aishwarya accuses Parvathy of the failure of the plan to rescue Akhila. Parvathy tries to explain the situation and tells Aishwarya that they should work together and rescue Akhila, rather than bickering over trivial issues. Aishwarya tries to find out the hospital’s location, but Parvathy refuses to divulge the information.

Aishwarya feels defeated and laments about her failure to find out about Nandini’s whereabouts from Parvathy. Vanaja, who listens to everything, reassures her of finding Nandini by hook or crook. Vanaja tells Aishwarya and Ganga to think about a plan to find Nandini. She and Ganga are happy when Aishwarya shares her plan to post the details of Nandini on social media to find her.

Adithya is elated when the doctor calls and informs him about the successful completion of Nandini’s first stage of treatment. The doctor further asks Adithya for Nandini’s medical reports to begin the next treatment. Meanwhile, Ravi Kumar spots Nandini and informs Aishwarya and Vanaja about the hospital where Nandini is admitted. Aishwarya rewards Ravikumar.

Vanaja and Aishwarya are shocked to see Parvathy and the police outside Nandini’s ward. Vanaja devises a plan to distract Parvathy and the police to shift Nandini. Ganga tells Aishwarya to go back home when the latter disapproves of Vanaja’s idea.


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