Sembaruthi 08 June 2021 Written Update: Will Akhila’s enemies suceed in framing her?

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In the previous episode of Sembaruthi, Adithya meets the lawyer and informs him about the notice. The driver informs Nandini about the things happening at the Adikadavoor house. Parvathy and Adithya meet the Income Tax officer.

In the next episode of Sembaruthi, Adithya and Parvathy are shocked when the officer informs them that Akhila would have to furnish the records for INR ten crore expense, or else she would have to face legal consequences. Parvathy pleads before the officer of not taking any legal action on Akhila as it will affect the family prestige.

Parvathy, Ramakrishnan, and Adithya reach Bangalore. They are disturbed by all the happenings. Adithya reassures Parvathy as she shares her fear about the allegations against Akhila. Meanwhile, Ramakrishnan finds a clue as he goes through the notice and informs Adithya about Akhila’s business partner.

Adithya strongly suspects Akhila’s business partner behind the fraud. He tells Parvathy about Raghunath Mehta when she asks him.  Ramakrishnan agrees with Adithya who strongly feels Raghunath Mehta is not of those who will do fraudulent business in his original name.

Elsewhere, Raghunath Mehta arrives at an auction and buys a precious diamond for a whopping amount. Ramakrishnan tells Adithya that they must find out about Mehta.

As suggested by Ramakrishnan, Adithya Google’s for Mehta in the computer. Parvathy does not suspect Mehta for the fraud on seeing his picture. However, Ramakrishnan tells Parvathy that few people do not seem to be the way they are. Adithya is baffled as he ponders about Raghunath’s rivalry with Akhila.

Adithya and Parvathy decide to meet Raghunath Mehta and question him.  They arrive at his office and seek to meet Raghunath. Raghunath is happy about acquiring the diamond. The receptionist at Raghunath’s office tells them that Raghunath does not meet anyone without an appointment. Adithya introduces himself to the receptionist and tells her to inform Raghunath about his arrival.

Raghunath is surprised to see Adithya and Parvathy at his office when the receptionist informs him about their arrival.  He tells the receptionist to make them wait till he doesn’t call them to meet him.


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