Sembaruthi 08 July 2021 Written Update: Parvathy is admitted to the hospital

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In the previous episode of Sembaruthi, Parvathy hides the fact that she was bitten by a snake from Adithya. Soon after, Adithya arrives at the puja and tells Akhila how he managed to find the sword. Shiva informs Nandini about it.


In the next episode of Sembaruthi, Nandini is shocked when Shiva informs her that Akhila has got the sword back. Shiva further tells Nandini that Adithya is aware that it was she who stole the sword. Back in the house, Guruji performs the puja, while the family members participate in the same. Parvathy feels dizzy but doesn’t mention about it to anyone. Suddenly, she collapses to the floor. Adithya, Akhila, and the rest of the family members panic. Aishwarya sees the snake bite marks on Parvathy’s hand and informs the family about it. Adithya recollects Parvathy standing next to the snake hill at the temple. He announces that Aishwarya is telling the truth.

The family rushes Parvathy to the hospital. Adithya is inconsolable as the doctor informs him that Parvathy is in a critical condition. Akhila instructs the doctor to give the best treatment to Parvathy and save her life. Amidst all the commotion, Aishwarya tells Akhila that Nandini is responsible for Parvathy’s plight. She tells Akhila that it was Nandini, who had placed the sword in the snake hill. Akhila gets furious to hear this. Adithya tries to calm her, but Akhila assures Adithya that she will teach Nandini a lesson.


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