Sembaruthi 07 January 2021 Written Update: Parvathy argues with Rajeshwari

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January 8, 2021


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In the previous episode of Sembaruthi, Parvathy and Adithya visit Bhavani at the hospital. Rajeshwari meets Akhila and speaks about an alliance for Mahesh. Pattamma tells Parvathy about Bhavani’s love for Mahesh and the reason why Bhavani decided to end her life.

Watch what will happen next on Sembaruthi:

In the latest episode of SembaruthiPerumal visits Akhila. He informs her that Adithya has decided to fulfil Parvathy’s dream. Akhila is delighted on hearing this news. She sings praises about Parvathy and conveys her best wishes for Parvathy to Perumal.

Parvathy recollects Pattamma’s words about Mahesh. She decides to get Bhavani married to Mahesh. When Adithya walks in, Parvathy tells him about Mahesh’s cowardice. She further tells Adithya about the consequences if something had happened to Bhavani. She tells Adithya that she want to help Bhavani. Adithya compares Parvathy to Akhila and tells her that she is just like Akhila, who helps the needy. Parvathy is happy that Adithya supports her.

Bhavani and Parvathy search for Mahesh’s house. When they reach the gate of the house, the guard stops them and asks if they have an appointment to meet Rajeshwari.  But they see Rajeshwari throwing ousting a woman from the house. Parvathy asks the woman as to why was Rajeshwari being rude to her. The woman informs her that she had raised her voice for being underpaid at the job. Parvathy explains the situation to the guard and he lets Parvathy inside the gate. A staff stops Parvathy and Bhavani. Rathnam, Rajeshwari’s brother rushes out of the house on hearing the commotion. He tells Parvathy that Rajeshwari will not meet her. On hearing this, Parvathy throws a stone at the car parked outside the house and breaks its window. Rajeshwari comes out of the house and learns about the issue from Rathnam. Parvathy tells Rajeshwari about Bhavani and Mahesh’s love. Rajeshwari humiliates Parvathy and Bhavani for being poor. Rathnam informs Rajeshwari about Akhila’s car nearing the house and requests her to apologise to Parvathyand end the matter. A helpless Rajeshwari apologises to Parvathy and Bhavani.

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