Sembaruthi 04 June 2021 Written Update: After all that has happened, Akhila leaves the house

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In the previous episode of Sembaruthi, Adithya doubts that Vanaja is responsible for Bhavani’s plight. Ramakrishnan visits Adithya and learns about whatever happened at the engagement ceremony. Nandini instigates Rajeshwari against Akhila.

In the next episode of Sembaruthi, Nandini instigates Rajeshwari and the latter decides to avenge her humiliation from Akhila. Adithya teases Arun as he feels lazy to exercise, while Aishwarya rebukes him and tells him to reduce his weight. Arun is surprised when Purushothaman does not join them for their routine exercise and assumes that he is asleep.

The family driver overhears Parvathy as she informs Adithya about Purushothaman and Akhila’s absence from the house. Parvathy senses something amiss and tells Adithya to phone Akhila. Adithya and others get petrified as they fail to connect with Akhila and Purushothaman.

Akhila phones Adithya and informs him that the couple is on their way to the village as she wants some peace of mind after all that has happened at the engagement ceremony. She further tells Adithya not to disturb her for a week. Adithya notices a gloomy Parvathy and reassures her. The driver informs Rajeshwari about Akhila’s trip. Nandini is pleasantly surprised when Rajeshwari visits her. Rajeshwari blames Akhila for her woes and informs Nandini about Akhila’s trip to the village.

Nandini takes Akhila’s trip as an opportunity to destroy her and tells her plan to Rajeshwari who instantly agrees with it. Nandini phones someone in order to execute the plan.

Adithya is confused on receiving an important letter from the Income Tax Office. The driver secretly overhears everything. Aishwarya insists that Adithya open the letter. Adithya is taken aback on reading the letter. Arun and Parvathy are shocked when Adithya informs them about the contents of the letter.

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