Sembaruthi 02 September 2021 Written Update: Aishwarya makes an announcement

Without consulting Parvathy, Adithya and Arun, Aishwarya promises to build houses for the factory workers.

In the previous episode of Sembaruthithe IT officers conduct the rai and find the money hidden in Parvathy’s room. Parvathy is shocked and pleads innocence. Adithya fights the goons to reach the house to save Parvathy from being arrested. But back at home, Aishwarya surrenders to the IT officials and confesses that the money belongs to her.

In the next episode of Sembaruthi, Aishwarya asks Gajendran to assemble the workers. Gajendran informs Adithya, Arun, and Parvathy about Aishwarya’s decision to assemble the workers. When the workers assemble, Aishwarya tells the workers about Akhila’s plan to build homes for the workers. She tells them that since Akhila is not around, she has decided to give them houses on the occasion of ‘Vinayaka Chaturthi’. Adithya, Arun and Parvathy are shocked to hear Aishwarya’s words.

Adithya, Arun and Parvathy discuss the matter at home and Parvathy decides to question Aishwarya. But when Aishwarya reaches home, she asks Parvathy to sign the documents to approve the construction of the houses. Parvathy questions Aishwarya for not discussing the details of the project with her. But Aishwarya refuses to divulge any details and asks her to sign the papers. Despite being stopped by Arun, Parvathy takes the file from Aishwarya and signs on the documents. Parvathy tells Adithya the reason she signed the documents.

Aishwarya, Vanaja and Ganga visit a real estate agent to arrange a plot for the construction of the houses. The agents tell them about a plot that is being eyed by several influential people. The trio decides to see the plot, but when they are about to leave the agency, the agents receive calls from prospective buyers of the plot. Aishwarya, Vanaja and Ganga believe that buying the plot will be a good deal and decide to make an advance payment. Aishwarya hands over a cheque of INR 50 crores to the agents.

What will happen next in Sembaruthi? To read more stories of  Sembaruthi.

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