Sembaruthi 03 June 2021 Written Update: Rajeshwari joins hands with Nandini

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In the previous episode of Sembaruthi, Parvathy is shocked to see the rotten coconut at the puja. She worries that something bad is going to happen to Akhila. Arun and Aishwarya thank Parvathy for saving Akhila from an embarrassment.

In the next episode of Sembaruthi Parvathy feels that she has only fulfilled the duty of being the eldest daughter-in-law when Arun and Aishwarya thank her for saving Akhila from a being disgraced. She is all the more surprised when Aishwarya apologises to her. Adithya concludes that Vanaja could be responsible for Bhavani’s plight.

Meanwhile, Aishwarya tells Parvathy that Akhila has refused to eat the food. Arun decides to call Akhila but Parvathy stops him as she realises the reason for Akhila’s worry.

Adithya welcomes Ramakrishnan. He gets irked when Adithya teases him by his surname. Arun divulges all the happenings and about Akhila’s oath to Ramakrishnan when he notices a sad look on Adithya and Arun’s face. Ramakrishnan tries to cheer up the family.

Elsewhere, Rajeshwari feels humiliated and cheated as she recalls Akhila’s words and decides to seek revenge from her. She tells Nandini about whatever happened at the engagement function. Nandini takes Rajeshwari’s anger as an opportunity and instigates her against Akhila. She tells a plan to seek revenge from Akhila.


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