Sembaruthi 02 June 2021 Written Update: Arun and Aishwarya are thankful to Parvathy

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In the previous episode of Sembaruthi, Adithya praises Parvathy for her good nature. He comforts Parvathy when she wakes up startled on seeing a nightmare. Parvathy watches as Akhila asks Aishwarya to perform the puja.

In the next episode of Sembaruthi, Parvathy watches Akhila as she guides Aishwarya during the puja. Parvathy is disturbed when the coconut turns out to be spoilt as Aishwarya breaks it for the offering. Meanwhile, Akhila hides her fear and pacifies Aishwarya. Parvathy is greatly disturbed on seeing the spoilt coconut and prays to the deity for the well-being of the family.  Meanwhile, Akhila notices a disturbed Parvathy.

Parvathy recalls Rajeshwari’s treachery and all the happenings at the engagement and Akhila’s change of behaviour towards her. Adithya notices Parvathy lost in deep thoughts and questions her the reason for her sadness. Adithya comforts Parvathy when she tells Adithya about the incident during the puja.  He goes aside to speak when he receives a phone call, but he notices the nervousness on Parvathy’s face.

Elsewhere, Arun and Aishwarya discuss about Rajeshwari’s treachery. The couple feels that Parvathy has saved Akhila from a great embarrassment. Arun feels guilty for misunderstanding Parvathy of supporting Bhavani. Aishwarya tells Arun that Parvathy has not only saved Akhila but also Varsha and the family from the misfortune.

Parvathy is overwhelmed when Arun and Aishwarya express their gratitude for saving Akhila from embarrassment.  She is surprised as Aishwarya apologises to her. Later, Parvathy and Adithya are rendered speechless as Arun asks them about the person who hid Bhavani in their house.

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