Sembaruthi 01 September 2021 Written Update: Adithya comes to Parvathy’s rescue

Adithya fights the goons and beats all odds to reach on time to save Parvathy from getting arrested.

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September 3, 2021


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In the previous episode of Sembaruthi, Ganga devises a wicked plan to stop Adithya from helping Parvathy. She gets framed when the Income Tax officers raid the house. Akhila gives a fitting reply when Aishwarya informs her about it. She tells Aishwarya that she is aware of the latter’s plan to frame Parvathy.

In the next episode of Sembaruthi, the goons block Adithya’s car from all sides. He tells one of the goons to move the car, but the latter ignores him. He tries making a call but fails. Selvam, the goon calls Aishwarya to inform her as to how his men have blocked Adithya, but she reprimands him. Selvam decides to wait for Ganga’s call. Aishwarya soon reaches the gate of the Adikadavoor house. The guard tells her that since the raid is being conducted, he will have to seek the IT officer’s permission to let her into the house.

Elsewhere, Adithya fights the goons in order to reach home to save Parvathy. Aishwarya walks into the Adikadavoor house and the IT officials take her phone. On being questioned by Ganga, Aishwarya tells her that Akhila is aware that she is trying to frame Parvathy in the money laundering case. She informs the women that she has to surrender to the officers. On hearing this, Ganga stages a heart attack and collapses on the ground. One of the officers claims to be a doctor and examines Ganga. He asks for a live wire for treating Ganga. Fearing that she will be electrocuted using the wire, Ganga wakes up. She scolds the officer for using live wire to which the officer replies that he had tricked her.

Aishwarya tells the officer that the money belongs to her and asks him to arrest her. Parvathy stops her and announces to the officers that she is only trying to save Parvathy. While Parvathy and Aishwarya argue, Aditya walks into the room with the documents. The officers verify the documents and apologise to Adithya. Arun mocks the officer for conducting the raid and failing to find any money each time. Purushothaman reprimands Aishwarya and asks her to mend her ways.

Ganga questions Vanaja if they will ever be able to defeat Parvathy. To this Aishwarya tells them that she had decided to fight Akhila. Accordingly, Aishwarya shares a plan with Vanaja and Ganga.

What will happen next in Sembaruthi? To read more stories of  Sembaruthi.

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