Sembaruthi 01 June 2021 Written Update: Is Akhila trying to side-line Parvathy?

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May 31, 2021


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In the previous episode of Sembaruthi, the guests praise Parvathy for saving Akhila. Akhila’s inner self pokes fun at her as she gets annoyed by the incident. Parvathy tells Adithya the reason for hiding Ganga’s treachery from Akhila.

In the next episode of Sembaruthi,

Parvathy tells Adithya the reason for not disclosing Ganga’s treachery to Akhila. Adithya admires Parvathy, who cares for the family and its happiness. He praises Parvathy and calls her the perfect daughter-in-law. Parvathy tricks Adithya and escapes as he tries to get romantic with her.

Later that night, Adithya comforts Parvathy, as she wakes up startled on seeing a nightmare.  Parvathy senses something amiss as she recalls the dream and is torn apart between her heart and mind. Adithya assures Parvathy and decides to be extra cautious.

The next day, Akhila enters the puja room and is surprised on not finding any arrangement being made for the puja. She calls out to Aishwarya and asks her to make the necessary arrangements for the puja. Aishwarya takes the puja plate from Parvathy who approaches the puja room.

Aishwarya is taken by surprise when Akhila asks her to do the puja. Akhila scolds Aishwarya as she hesitates to perform the puja. Parvathy watches quietly when Akhila teaches Aishwarya the method to perform the puja.

Later, Akhila asks Aishwarya to break the coconut as an offering but is shocked as the coconut turns out to be spoilt. Parvathy witnessing all the happening gets upset and senses something wrong.

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