Sehrish Ali Shares Some of Her Fitness Tips as She Heads to Gym After Months of Lockdown: Watch

Recently, just as Sehrish Ali went back to her gym after months of not being able to go due to the global pandemic, she revealed some of her fitness tips. Read further ahead to know them.

Pooja Dhar

November 13, 2020

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Sehrish Ali is a very well-known Indian television actor, most commonly known for her lead character in popular daily soap, Diya Aur Baati Hum. Recently, Sehrish Ali headed back to her gym, as finally, the doors for gyms across countries were open in the “Unlock Phase”. In the process, she also revealed some of her fitness tips to share with fans.

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In this video, Sehrish Ali is seen sitting in her gym (Anytime Fitness) and she introduces her trainer. Explaining to fans why the gym isn’t as “unsafe” as people think it is, she let her trainer take over the conversation. Her trainer has explained through the video that the reason why gyms are not as unsafe as people think they are in times of these crises is that the more people gym and exercise, the more their immunity will get stronger, preventing them from any types of diseases. The entertainer also revealed that the Anytime Fitness gym is very big and there are only six people allowed to practice in one slot and that makes the actor feel really safe.

Sehrish Ali then started working out on-camera, as she followed the instructions given to her by her instructor. She started her workout with running on the treadmill, putting her green colour headphones on. Starting with a slow jog, Sehrish soon increased the pace of the treadmill and started to run on it. The actor was then seen squatting, having held heavy-weights on her shoulders. Later, Sehrish Ali was seen working on her muscles and legs. She even did the rope lifting exercise while she was at the gym.

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After an intense workout, Sehrish Ali revealed that she is very happy to do a great workout after a long time. Thanking the Anytime Fitness gym, the actor praised the place for the way they have ensured all the safety measures and precautions. Sehrish Ali’s trainer then said that in times like these, it is very important for that people boost their immunity. He said that it is not possible for people to remain busy 24 hours a day, and if a person can take out even half an hour a day to exercise then that is enough to remain in good health and shape.

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