Seetharama Kalyana Review: Director A Harsha Hits Bullseye With This Romantic Drama

This Nikhil-Rachita-starrer has the right mix of action, emotions, family values and good performances!

Parinika Uchil

September 16, 2019


5 min


Seetharama Kalyana is a romantic drama that will keep you hooked for the three odd hours of its runtime. Directed by A Harsha, who is also a choreographer, the film takes a look at the life of Aarya, the son of an influential man in the city of Bengaluru. When he spots Geetha at the wedding of a common friend, Aarya is floored by her beauty and instantly falls in love with her. The director, who has given us blockbuster movies like Bhajarangi and Vajrakaya in the past, had decided to take a sabbatical after his 2017 film Anjani Putra, to come back with a bang with Seetharama Kalyana.

Starring the Yuvaraja of Sandalwood, Nikhil Kumaraswamy, son of Karnataka’s CM, HD Kumaraswamy and the Dimple Queen Rachita Ram, the movie depicts how family values are important to all of us, no matter where we are in life. If you are a fan of A Harsha films, you must also know that he is prominent for his mass-oriented movies with a good dose of action sequences that’ll keep you hooked.

In the first 10 minutes itself, sparks start flying between Aarya (Nikhil) and Geetha (played by Rachita Ram) who are attending a common wedding. However, the surprise that springs up in is that the bride and groom in question are none other than Chikkanna and Tele-star Nayana (Comedy Khiladigalu fame). Also, Geetha’s family is introduced during this wedding. The director has managed to successfully keep Aarya’s family a mystery until later.

Nikhil Kumaraswamy Action Sequence - 4
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Nikhil, with his muscular body and killer action sequences, leaves us wanting for more with his high-octane fight scenes. He plays the role of a rich man, who feels for farmers of the state and decides to help them using his wealth and influence. After a fateful incident, he decides to construct a damn for the farmers of local villages. Rachita Ram, on the other hand, has done a great job as a gullible and spoilt brat Geetha, who is her father’s pet.

P Ravishankar, who plays the role of Rachita Ram’s father, Narasimha, treats his little girl Geetha with utmost love and care. He even goes to the extent ensuring she gets the first rank by paying money. Her mother, played by actress Madhoo, doesn’t like this trait of her husband and sends Geetha to the city of Bengaluru for higher studies on the account that her daughter needs to learn the hard-ways of life.

Nikhil Kumaraswamy And Rachita Ram In Seetharama Kalyana
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Now comes the interesting part. Towards, the middle, Narasimha and Shankar (played by actor R Sarathkumar) come face-to-face and immediately get aggressive towards each other. The why and how forms the remainder of the story, and we bet you will love it. Other supporting actors are Girija Lokesh, playing the role of Geetha’s grandmother, Adithya Menon as Vishwa, a humble servant of Narasimha’s house.

A Harsha also managed to rope in Bollywood actors Bhagyashree and Sanjay Kapoor, who have fabulously played the cameo roles of Meera and Shankar. Nikhil’s mother Anitha Kumaraswamy has produced the movie under the Channambika Films banner while Anup Rubens has given the viewers a lot more than good songs, he has given them the ‘feels’ and rightfully so.

Verdict: If you are looking for a movie that has the right mix of action, romance and family drama, then Seetharama Kalyana is the right choice.

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