Seetharama Kalyana Hero Nikhil Kumaraswamy Talks About His Journey From Politics To Cinema

“One will also get to see the purity of love in this film, which, I think is important, given the times we live in,” said Nikhil on Seethrama Kalyana!

Parinika Uchil

October 8, 2019


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Seetharama Kalyana is a terrific romantic-drama starring Nikhil Kumaraswamy and Rachita Ram as Arya and Geetha, respectively. Directed by A Harsha, the brilliantly-crafted film looks at the life of two individuals who cross paths through their families and in the end you realise that there is nothing above family.

For those of you who don’t know, the film was produced by Nikhil Kumaraswamy’s mother Anita Kumaraswamy. P Ravishankar, Madhoo Shah, Girija Lokesh, Chikkanna and Comedy Khiladigalu participant Nayana comprised the rest of the cast

From his fight sequences to romantic scenes, Nikhil has aced the role in Seetharama Kalyana. But what was the thought process behind this movie?

The actor spoke to a leading daily about his experience and we loved every bit of it. He was all praises for his Seetharama Kalyana team. “The script is pretty strong and all the credit goes to Harsha and my team. They have done a good job. This is a big star cast,” Nikhil said.

Nikhil, who made his debut in the 2016 film Jaguar, spoke about the contrast between the two movies. He said, “There is a definite change. I was a college kid in Jaguar, but in Seetharama Kalyana, you will see me as a more matured man. One will also get to see the purity of love in this film, which, I think is important, given the times we live in.”

Nikhil’s opinion about R Sarathkumar, who played his dad in the entertainer, was nothing but humble. The star enunciated, “He was very encouraging. In fact, in the film you can see my father through him. When you see us onscreen, it will feel like seeing me and my father.”

Obviously, being the CM’s son may come with its benefits and disadvantages but when Nikhil was asked if he faced criticism because of his background, the politician-turned-actor said, “I feel like I am swimming against the tide sometimes since I come from a political background. It’s easier for me to stick to politics, and people even expect that. But I request the audience to not politicise the movie. Politics and movies are different, and I hope that people can watch my film from a place of neutrality. I don’t do cinema for a particular party or a certain audience. People should watch Seetharama Kalyana as a film and nothing more.”

If you are a fan of the handsome Yuvaraja of Sandalwood, Nikhil Kumaraswamy, send him your best wishes in the space provided below.

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