Security Is a Priority Not an Option

Fortunately, the world has advanced enough to bring a solution to this recurring yet common problem that gives people not only monetary loss but also mental agony. The inception of insurance policies is the saving grace of people’s problems.

April 1, 2021


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In a world full of uncertainties, security has become a necessity. One can never kn0w what the future holds for them in the very next moment. So being prepared for such situations is a sane and safe thing to do. Anything that one has built or bought has some sort of sentiment attached to it, and losing it is a personal loss. Fortunately, the world has advanced enough to bring a solution to this recurring yet common problem that gives people not only monetary loss but also mental agony. The inception of insurance policies is the saving grace of people’s problems.

Security Is a Priority Not an Option

A layperson works their entire life to improve and elevate their living standards and add luxuries to live. For this, they make huge investments in various properties, cars, and many other materialistic things. What they do not realize is the unpredictability of life. Unforeseen situations such as natural disasters or accidents can make all their hard work and money go down the drain. Understanding these sentiments is India International Insurance (III). III is a Singaporean insurance company that deals with non-life insurances. This company is known for its resilient policies that help its customers cope with such uncertain situations.

The Silver Lining in People’s Life

It is human nature to be attached to materialistic possessions. This happens because humans’ minds are inculcated with the vision of succeeding from an early age. People educate themselves so that they can grow up to be independent individuals and have their own properties and possessions, which makes them develop an emotional attachment to anything they invest in. The fact that they invest their hard-earned money in these things makes them more precious and closer to their hearts. Losing these can traumatize the individuals. Being aware of the financial pressure that the person goes through, India International Insurance has affordable yet completely reliable insurance products. The company deals with motor insurance, motor fleet, personal accident, travel insurance, home insurance, maid bond package, property, liability, engineering, surety, cargo, and marine hull insurance.

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India International Insurance was incorporated in Singapore in 1987 by the merging the stakes of five State-owned Indian insurance companies General Insurance Corporation of India (GIC Re), The New India Assurance Co. Ltd, and The Oriental Insurance Company Ltd, National Insurance Co. Ltd., and United India Insurance Co. Ltd. III is not a subsidiary of any company but completely an autonomous body registered in Singapore. The company has more than 70 years of experience operating in Singapore. It has been rated as A- by Standard & Poors, primarily due to solid capitalization along with excellent liquidity for swift claims settlement. The prudent underwriting and claim settlement process coupled with excellent customer service have made India International Insurance as one of the reliable insurance companies in Singapore.

The team at III aims to provide valuable and dependable insurance policies to customers all over the world. III believe in creating and providing a secure and happy future to everyone through their staunch services. Being a contemporary company, they have not limited their services to individuals only but have also made them available for businesses too. Their prompt customer dealing services have saved many businesses from drowning and shutting down.

India International Insurance is a modern company that thinks greatly about its customer’s protection. Financial strains can stress out any individual and put them under great pressure, which sometimes results in depression and other mental illnesses. Acknowledging these facts, III keeps updating and revising their policies and services to provide better and advanced solutions to their clients. The company moves with the trend and constantly evolves with the growing needs of the customers. With over 100 trained and experienced professionals as their team, they take pride in knowing that their expertise, capacity, and financial strength can bring certainty to the client’s insurance programs for years to come. It is a constant, consistent effort at India International Insurance to remain as one of their client’s most preferred Insurers.

Another positive aspect of this growing organization is that it emphasizes having a green footprint. It focuses all of its operations to be eco-friendly. The company is investing in the latest technologies that reduce waste and increase work and time efficiency and effectiveness. With companies like India International Insurance that understand their responsibility towards the people and the earth, there is hope that the future of the world is bright and is in safer hands.

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