Scarlett Johansson’s battle with Marvel Studio over Black Widow so far

Scarlett Johansson and Disney have been engaged in a legal suit ever since the release of Black Widow


September 4, 2021


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One can only ‘Marvel’ actor Scarlet Johansson’s resolve to legally confront Disney through the latter’s namesake studio subsidiary – ‘Marvel Studio’.

Scarlett Johansson and Disney are engaged in a bitter legal suit ever since Disney’s hybrid release of Black Widow’s in the US and other markets on July 9. Scarlett’s legal team contended that the move by House of Mouse to release this film in theatres and its simultaneous streaming put her at a financial disadvantage.

The bone of contention of the suit filed before the Los Angeles Superior Court on July 29 is that it involved a guarantee that Black Widow will be released exclusively in theatres. Scarlett also contended that box-office returns of Black Widow will determine her salary. In a quick rebuttal the same day, Disney which stated that the actor’s base salary for Black Widow was $20 million, contended that her lawsuit in a time when the global effects of the Covid19 pandemic were horrific, had no merit whatsoever.

The move by Disney to reveal her salary and attack her character saw Bryan Lourd of Creative Arts Agency, her agent to slam Disney, a day later. Even as Marvel Studio boss Kevin Feige was said to be angry and embarrassed by the developments, Bob Iger, Executive Chairman and former CEO of Disney was quoted as being ‘mortified’.

There was no official confirmation of either of these statements. As things stand, Scarlett fired a fresh salvo on August 21 through her legal counsel attacking Disney’s attempt for ‘confidential arbitration’. John Berlinski, an entertainment lawyer wondered why Disney is reluctant to fight this case publically.

Incidentally, Scarlett Johansson has essayed the role of Black Widow six times before reprising the role for one final time in this standalone movie that Cate Shortland has directed. Natalia Alianovna “Natasha” Romanoff aka Black Widow, is one of the most talented global spy and assassins and a founding member of the Avengers, a role that Scarlet Johansson has essayed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) film franchise. Black Widow was released in India on September 3.

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