Sayani Gupta Opens Up About Pay Parity In The Entertainment Industry Unveiling The Unseen Side

Not just outside in various work fields, even in the Entertainment industry women are paid less than men. Sayani Gupta shares an encounter, Sayani has been told by one casting director that it is a norm, apparently, to pay men more than women


September 24, 2021


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Sayani Gupta is very well known for her works of Four More Shots Please, Article 15, Jolly LLB 2, and much more. In each project, she’s seen trying her hands on a new character. Sayani recently opened up about her chat with a casting director about pay Parity in the entertainment industry.

She shared this with a leading daily that she’s been told that the male counterparts get more in the same shows that she’s being part of. However, she’s not aware of the amount, and of course, none of the cast members really go and discuss how much we are getting paid. Kirti Kulhari and Sayani Gupta are in the same project, but we do not know how much individually they’re are making individualIy. Well, it’s extremely unprofessional to discuss. That is like a bit of a no-go zone, no one really knows. There is no balance sheet coming out that one can refer to, and check and say that oh, this one is getting this much and another person is paid this much. Sayani has been told by one casting director that it is a norm, apparently, to pay men more than women. But, having said that, we do not know. We do not have access to that kind of information.


Karan Johar too in an interview had opened about the pay disparity in Bollywood and shared that Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, and Akshay Kumar get that pay because they open with that kind of numbers on a Friday and they deliver certain results they’re expected to. Similarly even Kareena Kapoor Khan had opened up about the same in a very subtle way during her hiked fees for essaying the character of Sita in the Mahabharata period drama.

Sayani Gupta was most recently seen in the Mini TV anthology, Kaali Peeli Tales.

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