Saumya Tandon Was A Victim Of Online Harassment And Here’s How She Dealt With It

Check out how Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai fame Saumya Tandon dealt with online harassment during the countrywide lockdown in 2019.

Aditi Sharma

February 5, 2021


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Saumya Tandon has gained major recognition with her role as Anita bhabhi in the show Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai. In a recent exclusive interview with ZEE5, Saumya Tandon spilt some beans about her personal life. From sharing about her guilty pleasure to narrating a horrifying incident, Saumya talked about several subjects. Take a look at how Tandon tackled an online harasser during the countrywide lockdown.

Saumya Tandon was asked to share the worst comment she received on her social media. The actor shared an incident where a girl spread a lot of hate about her on social media during the countrywide lockdown. Talking about the incident, she said that the girl used to comment on her pictures and send her online threats like she would kill her and would come to her house with her brother. Tandon added that at first she was not bothered but later the girl started sharing 10-15 posts about her every day and that’s when she decided to speak about it.

She also mentioned that since it was a lockdown, she knew that she is completely safe. Later, Saumya Tandon investigated the matter with the help of the cyber cell. She eventually discovered the identity of the girl, however, she decided not to do anything as she didn’t want to get bothered and neither create a big deal out of it.


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Saumya Tandon enjoyed massive popularity with her role as Anita bhabhi.  Nehha Pendse was roped in to play Anita Bhabhi after Tandon exited the show. Talking about her journey, Tandon said that it was a beautiful journey for her with the show. However, as an actor, she needs to explore more and try different kinds of content. Tandon concluded that she is a thinking actor and she is good with not being seen on television every day.

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