Saudi Arabia Reopens Its Doors For Umrah Pilgrims

Phase one of the reopening will only permit Saudi residents and citizens to visit the Great Mosque of Mecca, amidst tight COVID19 guidelines

Raghav N

October 5, 2020

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Islam’s holiest site Mecca has reopened its doors to pilgrims after months of restrictions due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Saudi Arabia resumed its Umrah Pilgrimage with a limited number of visitors. As per the new guidelines, the first phase of the grand mosque’s reopening will allow up to 6,000 pilgrims a day. Only Saudi residents and citizens will be allowed as of now and visitors will be given three hours to complete their prayers.

The country’s government is taking all the necessary precautions to maintain an infection-free experience for its patrons, including frequent sanitisation and social distancing rules.

To avoid crowding, an online application has to be made to register a specific time and date to visit the most revered place of worship for Muslims.

The second phase for cutting down the restrictions will begin from October 18, after which a maximum of 15,000 pilgrims and 40,000 people for prayers will be permitted to the sacred premises. This booking too can be done through an app that will allocate the time for the meeting.

The Saudi Kingdom has been watchful as it slowly gets back to normal and revives its businesses and services. The western Asian nation has recorded more than 3.36 lakh COVID19 cases and close to 4,800 deaths from the infection.

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