Satyameva Jayate Star Arjun Chakrabarty Is A Gym Rat. Here’s Proof!

Whether in Kolkata or not, the actor believes in sweating it out, and he doesn’t leave any equipment untouched in the process.

Promita Mukherjee

November 3, 2019


3 min


In the ZEE5 Original Film Satyameva Jayate, actor Arjun Chakrabarty plays the role of Anindya, an honest and upright police officer out to solve a heinous crime. Is he able to solve it? You need to watch the film to find out. But apart from his acting, what stands out in this Bangla film is Arjun’s toned physique. The reason? He’s quite the gym rat. Don’t believe us? Here’s proof!

How do you celebrate the success of your latest release? While most of us would pick up a glass of wine or indulge in good food, Arjun believes in burning them calories to celebrate. Fitness goals? Oh yes.

No pain, no gain, says Arjun, and we totally agree. Catch the handsome hunk take a break post some intense strength training.

Most of us would either run or reach out for the kettlebell. Not so with Arjun. This boy believes in pushing his body. Obviously he can both run and work out with kettlebells.

Guess who Arjun missed? The barbells. “So glad we are a thing again”. Only true gym rats would get this feeling, we totally understand.

Arjun writes: “The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in war – guess they came up with that when gladiators used to be a thing in Rome. But figuratively, sounds badass nevertheless 💪🏼😎 #RiseAndShine #LiftAndLove #TrainHard #LiveStrong #cardio #strengthtraining #instafit #7amGrind” Okay then!

Only a true gym rat would find a nearby gym and ensure that he does a proper training session, just like Arjun did during one of his vacations to the United States. Truly back in his ‘natural habitat’, as his uncle puts it mildly.

We bet you won’t attempt this marathon workout session of Arjun’s which comprised 300 m run, weighted jump squats, Russian twists and kettlebell clean and press. We’re not even trying to be honest!

Crossfit. Lifts. Kettlebell. Arjun’s workouts comprise all these and then some. Take a look.

There is no equipment that this talented actor would leave untouched. Watch him do the pike roll out here. A perfect exercise that works wonderfully on your abs. Arjun sure knows how to stay in ship shape.

For more entertainment, watch ZEE5 Original Bhalobashar Shohor – Pori, now streaming.

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