#SATURDAY SPECIAL: 6 Times Pooja Hegde Added Glamour To Simple Sarees In Saakshyam

Sneha Bale

January 18, 2020


1 min

A Red Saree


Pooja Hegde has established herself as an actor and as a style diva. From her red carpet looks to her no-filter Instagram images, this damsel has left no spot to impress us with her amazing style. As expected, we fell for her easy and grace in the 2018 fantasy-thriller film, Saakshyam also starring Sreenivas Bellamkondam.

In her introductory scene, she wears a red saree. It’s a simple red saree with golden borders and embellishments but the way she walks in, our jaws dropped further with each step.

Shining In Pastels


Pastel colours seem to be the flavour of the season. From pastel colour water bottles to pop sockets and from cute skirts to classy gowns — everything is now pastel. Here, Pooja wears a pastel blue saree in a classy and minimalist design. It’s cute and classy at the same time.

Keeping It White


Instead of adding colours to her outfit, Pooja keeps her white saree extremely simple. The only additional thing in her saree is a thin golden border. She adds a simple golden necklace and big bold jhumkas to complete her look.

Adding Colours


Wondering what to do with a black half-saree? Mix and match is always the answer! Pooja, here, adds a patterned blouse with a cooler coloured dupatta.

All About Culture


The white and gold saree has been a quintessential element of Telugu weddings. Pooja’s saree follows the cultural map, yet stands out from the crowd. It’s not your regular cotton saree, it’s fancy and has a contemporary touch to it. All the brides out there, watch out for your choices!

Going Retro


Some times a touch of vintage goes a long way. Like, Pooja’s black saree here, which stands out not because it’s exceptionally amazing but simply because it’s simple and looks all sorts of cute.

Add On!


And our last pick! In the song Ishq Karle, Pooja dons a plain, bright yellow saree. One might go wrong with it but here the actor’s saree has many little pearls that become the jewellery and the accessory to the saree. It’s a pretty smart amalgamation and the output is beautiful!

Find more fashion here and watch Pooja’s Aravinda Sametha Veera Raghava on ZEE5.

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