Saturday Playlist: Spend the weekend listening to the songs that describe our gabru Amandeep from Tu Patang Main Dor

Tu Patang Main Dor’s Amandeep Singh is one of its kind characters. So here we are dedicating a few songs that suit our gabru navjawaan.


August 22, 2020


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Amandeep Singh (Rohit Handa) from Tu Patang Main Dor is the synonym of loyalty, friendship and true love. Amandeep can’t see anyone in trouble or pain. He can risk his life for others. To unite estranged lovers, Amandeep crosses the border. To save his love from getting destroyed, he put his life at stake. Such is our gabru Amandeep. So, we decided to dedicate this weekend’s playlist to Amandeep’s way of life.

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Ishq Kamaal

A still from the song (Source: ZEE5)

The song Ishq Kamaal from Sadak 2 echoes the madness and purity of love. The song celebrates deewanapan of true lovers. And we all know how madly and purely Amandeep loves Zarina (Chetna Singh). Thus, this song with the vocals of Jawed Ali, is perfect to describe the love of Amandeep for his lady.

Prem Pujari

A still from the song (Source: ZEE5)

Well, this is another title that comes to our mind, whenever we see Amandeep. He is a true Prem Pujari of Zarina. This song from the movie Drive showcases a similar situation as show’s current track. In the song, Sushant’s character dances at the wedding of his friend and taunts Jacqueline’s character for not understanding his love for her. Do you need more dots to connect the line?


A still from the song (Source: ZEE5)

Apart from being a true lover, Amandeep is a jolly munda from the heart. So, this song from Expensive Diljit Dosanjh‘s Shadaa is another way to describe Amandeep. While listening to the song, you can actually imagine  Amandeep dancing to Zarina’s tunes and saying, “Ainey expensive Jatt ne. Karte tere naam kudey. Jinney vi bachde meri, zindagi de saah kudey“.


A still from the song (Source: ZEE5)

Well, this song suits the Zarina and Amandeep’s situation even more. Zarina keeps her friendship with Amandeep hidden from the world. She even lies to Amandeep about her identity. This is because she is getting married to Farooq and she thinks that her relationship with Amandeep is like a Kalank. Thus, we can imagine Amandeep singing this song to Zarina and saying, “Kalank nahi…ishq hai kaajal piya“.

So these are the songs that suit Amandeep well. Which song do you want to dedicate to Amandeep? Let us know in the comment section below.

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