Sathya: With Indumathi Defending Sasi, We Enlist All Those Times When The Former Proved How Sweet She Is!

As Indumathi takes the blame for Sasi’s doings, here is how she reminded us that she was absolutely adorable!

Bhavna Gandikota

March 10, 2021


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The popular Tamil TV show Sathya is full of characters that are extremely lovable. From Prabhu and Sathya to Sasi and Kathir, almost everyone is always ready to help. While we absolutely love Prabhu and Sathya, it was Indumathi who won all hearts when she defended Sasi. When Prabhu was scolding Sasi for letting Sathya fight with the goons, Indhumathi told him that it was all her fault. We couldn’t help but think how adorable she was then!

Watch the spoiler for the latest episode of Sathya right here!

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Indumathi is the best mother-in-law

Indumathi is certainly one of those mother-in-laws who will have their daughter-in-law’s backs against all odd situations. She not only supports Sathya with what she wants to do but also cares for her like a mother. Every time she asks Sathya what is bothering her or if she has eaten, we can’t help but think how thoughtful and sweet she is. She never judges Sathya for her choices but also worries for her because she wants her to be safe.

Indumathi in Sathya
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Indumathi is Prabhu and Sathya’s biggest cheerleader

Fans love Prabhu and Sathya’s equation, but no one roots more for the couple than Indumathi. She let Sathya fight the goons by herself so Prabhu can spend some time with her alone and they can spend some romantic moments. You wouldn’t find any mother who did that, would you? Which is why we think that she is also the coolest!

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Indumathi looks beyond people’s appearance

It took Indumathi almost no time to warm up to Sathya, despite her being an ‘outcast’ according to the society. She looked beyond Sathya’s short hair and jeans, and showed everyone how amazing Sathya is. She also understands and supports Sathya’s friendship with Sasi and Kathir despite what people say.

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