Sathya – Oru Oorula Oru Rajakumari Mahasangamam: Maragatham’s Plan To Demean Rasathi Backfires

Thanks to Sathya’s presence at the 60th wedding, she constantly helps Rasathi with every obstacle that Maragatham lays for her.


August 16, 2020


5 min


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In the previous episode, a temple priest lies to Maragatham that she has mangal dosh. Hence, Rasathi and her husband will need to do all the necessary rituals on her behalf. Upset with it, she has no choice but to invite them for the ceremony. However, Sathya tells Maragatham that she will need to come and invite Rasathi for the ceremony in a traditional manner if she wants her to be present. As speculated, Magaratham and Neesamani visit Rasathi to invite her for the 60th wedding.

Rasathi and Sathya are busy getting all the pooja mandapam ready. Meanwhile, Maaragatham’s first daughter-in-law toys with the pooja kalash to make Rasathi look bad in public. Sathya notices her leave the room and wonders what is wrong. But she is unable to figure out what has happened. Rasathi comes over and takes the kalash for the pooja. The pooja ceremony begins and Rasathi is called for the kalash pooja function. As Rasathi is pouring water from the kalash, her mother-in-law starts complaining of her eyes burning.

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Turns out Maaragatham’s first daughter-in-law has put chilli powder in the kalash water to demean Rasathi and her husband. She then insults them and says that they must have done something to the water. Rasathi and her husband feel insulted and decide to leave as they don’t need such treatment. Rasathi’s mother-in-law stops them from leaving and says that it would be inauspicious if they do not complete the pooja. Eventually, Rasathi agrees to stay back with her husband. Despite her daughter-in-law’s protests, Maragatham asks Rasathi to stay back and complete the whole ceremony.

Things don’t end there as when the matter of the thaali also comes up. Turns out for the final 60th marriage ceremony, the thaali is missing. Once again, everybody blames Rasathi for being careless and trying to ruin their Sashtiapthapoorthi. However, Sathya intervenes and blames Maaragatham’s first daughter-in-law for the missing thaali. Shocked by these claims, Maragatham reacts and says that she had nothing to do with it. Sathya then shows proof with a video of her entering Rasathi’s room. She asks in front of everyone what work Maaragatham’s first daughter-in-law had in Rasathi’s room.

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Eventually, the truth is out and she is asked to present the thaali. With that, the whole ceremony is completed without any more hassles. Following the ceremony, Prabhu finds out that Sathya is the one who is trying to stop him from taking up the project. He is not happy to learn that his wife is trying to play against him. He doesn’t say anything but does express that he is upset with her for taking matters in her own hands. Rasathi tells Sathya that everything would be okay and the two leave for home.

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