Sathya Might Have Changed Her Look, But Here’s What Hasn’t Changed For Her!

Sathya might have changed how she looks but what hasn’t changed is her innerself. Here’s the proof!

Bhavna Gandikota

March 25, 2021


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Sathya from the popular TV show Sathya has just gotten a makeover, and she looks gorgeous! While she might have changed her look, but the Sathya we knew and loved is right there too. Her saree might have replaced her shirt and trousers but her values, quirks and traits have not left her. As they reach the guest house in Kodaikanal, Sathya proves that the old Sathya hasn’t left and is right there!

Watch the spoiler for the latest episode of Sathya right here!

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Sathya to the rescue

Sathya is still the same person who would jump to Sasi’s rescue when Prabhu is pulling his leg. As Prabhu pretends to want to hit Sasi with a stick, Sasi goes to Sathya for help and she defends him. Sasi’s friendship meant a lot to Sathya and it still remains the same. She proved to us that she would stand by her friends like a rock no matter where she is!

Sathya and Sasi in Sathya
Source: ZEE5

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Nothing has changed between Sathya and Prabhu

Sathya might have donned a saree and changed her body language a little, but she still shares the same equation with Prabhu. Prabhu is still her ‘Amul Baby’ and she will treat him like one, all her life. They will always be friends first and then husband-wife. This came into light once again when the cab driver refused to believe they were married because they treated each other like best friends.

Sathya still speaks her mind 

You might feel like Sathya is no more the tomboy that she used to be, but she has certainly kept that side of herself intact. As she gets angry at the cab driver for saying that Prabhu was not her husband, she proved that she will always speak her mind, no matter where she is! She will still fight off goons like she did and speak her mind!

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