Sathya: Is Sarvanan Close To Changing? Reasons For Us To Believe So!

Now that Sathya has played her tricks on Sarvanan, is there a chance that he will change for good?

Bhavna Gandikota

April 22, 2021


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Sathya‘s Sarvanan is going through a horrific phase as Sathya vouches to change him as a person. With all of Sathya’s tricks and plans, it feels like there is a chance for him to change for good out of fear. Sathya is not treading lightly with her plan and is haunting him in every way that she can. After all her efforts, is there a chance that Sarvanan will change for good?

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Sarvanan and his remorse Sarvanan is certainly not even a tad bit guilty for what he did with Selvi. As soon as he saw a girl knocking at his door, he set his eyes on her and started making advances. This is proof enough that in terms of guilt and remorse, he has none. Even if he changes for good, it will only be for a while before he stops fearing Sathya and goes back to his ways. Saravanan’s behaviour  Sarvanana’s behaviour around women is still the same, and he views most of them like objects. Sarvanan only changes when he thinks that Selvi’s ghost is around. For someone who has no concept of good or bad, he is way too scared of the ghost and tries everything to get rid of her. To change Sarvanan for good, he needs to realise why he was wrong.

Sathya in Sathya
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Also Read: Sathya: Here’s Why Nirmala Should Believe Sathya When She Says That Sarvanan Is At Fault Saravanan’s fear of the ghost Sarvanan might be scared and terrified of the ghost but he will go back to his ways as soon as he realises that he is not being watched. Even if he were to remarry Selvi, he would only torture and disrespect her. However, we really hope that Sathya continues to spook him as a ghost for as long as she can.

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